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I’m keen to try gruyere as I’ve seen you mention it for macaroni cheese etc but i cant find it, is there anything else i can use?
There’s a cheese that you see in most supermarkets, a Norwegian cheese called jarlsberg which is nice and quite similar with its nutty taste.

I’ve got quite in to BBQ’s after attending lots over the summer and i’d like to buy one, any brands i should look out for?
There are plenty of brands out there but one of the best brands for the serious bbq enthusiast is Weber, who make all types of BBQ’s from small

some questions

I know you can make carrot cake with carrots but can you use any other veg for baking?

Q- I know you can make carrot cake with carrots but can you use any other veg for baking?

A- An issue of the bbcs good food magazine a couple of months ago had a really good feature with cakes and desserts made from parsnips, courgettes beetroot

Q- My pal was speaking about a potato dish called aligot, I cant find it anywhere?

A- Aligot is a French dish that is basically really smooth mashed potatoes with garlic

Q- My roasties never really get that rough crispy outside on them, whats wrong?

A- When you part cook the potatoes and drain them, give them a really good shake in thye colander to rough the

Q- When eating out in an Italian my pasta dish had some lovely little crispy green leaves on top that tasted like sage, any ideas what they are?

A- They would have been sage leaves that have been deep fried, they are a

Q- I had beautiful red rice in a French restaurant in the city, whats it called, I’d like to get some?

A- It was probably a red rice that comes from France called camargue

Q- I’m going to make homemade cannelloni, should i buy the dried cannelloni or the fresh stuff?

A- The fresh stuff is much easier to stuff and handle as its soft

Q- I’m making canapés for a party but I’m fed up just using toasted baguette as a a base?

A- For something different try using mini poppadums, mini oatcakes or individual lettuce leaves such as

Q- I make butternut squash soup for my veggie son but want to experiment with it?

A- Try adding some chopped sage at the start of cooking and crumbling in some blue cheese such as dolcelatte at the end