Customer Questions

I’m keen to try gruyere as I’ve seen you mention it for macaroni cheese etc but i cant find it, is there anything else i can use?
There’s a cheese that you see in most supermarkets, a Norwegian cheese called jarlsberg which is nice and quite similar with its nutty taste.
I’ve got quite in to BBQ’s after attending lots over the summer and i’d like to buy one, any brands i should look out for?
There are plenty of brands out there but one of the best brands for the serious bbq enthusiast is Weber, who make all types of BBQ’s from small to ridiculously expensive.
I’ve tried making hollandaise and its not the best, i think it may be my eggs that are wrong, what type of eggs should i use?
Eggs should be free range, as fresh as possible and at room temperature when you make a fresh hollandaise.
I’d like to try and cook lobster at home, what is the most humane way to do it?
To cook a live lobster place it in the freezer for 2-3 hours to make it sleepy and then plunge it in to boiling water to cook it.
What type of soup is vichyssoise, i seen it on a restaurant menu?
Vichyssoise is a smooth leek, potato and herb soup.
I often make coleslaw at home but would like to perk it up from my normal recipe, any ideas?
Try putting some finely sliced radish through your coleslaw to add a lovely peppery taste to a normal coleslaw.

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