some questions

I know you can make carrot cake with carrots but can you use any other veg for baking?
An issue of the bbcs good food magazine a couple of months ago had a really good feature with cakes and desserts made from parsnips, courgettes beetroot and pumpkin

My husband was trying to get me to try bottarga on holiday, what is it?
Bottarga is the salted roe of the grey mullet fish, quite an aquired taste

How do I make souvlaki, I ate it in Greece and loved it?
Souvlaki is chunks of lamb marinated in olive oil, lemon and oregano, threaded on to skewers and normally cooked over a bbq.

Is there a difference between crème Brulee and crème catalana?
They’re basically the same but the Spanish version crème catalan is normally flavoured with oirange and cinnamon

I’m never too sure about when is the best time to eat things, i really like rhubarb but when is it good?
Basically rhubarb has quite a short season so just eat it whenever you see it in the shops, you should be able to get it now.

I really love Jersey royal potatoes but find them hard to get, why is that?

Jersey royals are like rhubarb above, seasonal so are only around certain times of the year, luckily for you they are at their best for the next couple of months.

I have a recipe that calls for scallions in it, what are these?
I take it its an American recipe as the American call what we know as spring onions scallions.

My fishmonger has scallops in their shell, ive never seen them like that before are they hard to use?
Getting scallops in their shell, as long as they’re fresh, is a rare treat, they’re not too difficult to shell but you could ask your fishmonger to do it.

I had little bundles of veg, tied up in a restaurant , i’d like to try it, how would i do it?

Green beans and asparagus are nice made in to little bundles, you can wrap them in parma ham, a bit of leek or even cut a hole in a slice of courgette to hold them.

My pregnant wife is insisting we eat lots of spinach because she is pregnant, i find it quite bland really?

Try finishing it in the oven with a nice creamy cheese sauce for a lovely spinach gratin, great with smoked haddock.

When i’m baking things recipes often ask for softened butter, what’s the best way to do it?

I normally just let the butter come to room temperature or sit it a warm place next to the cooker, you don’t want it liquid just soft enough to beat.

My greengrocer often sells over ripe tomatoes really cheap, but i don’t know what to do with them?
Our veg supplier to the restaurants sells cheap over ripe tomatoes to us which he calls ‘soupers’, the answer is in there!

What is all purpose flour, which i keep coming across in a recipe book?
All purpose flour is another name for plain flour.

My kids want me to make ice cream sandwiches which they had at a friends house, how do i do that?
I would get some cake such as a brownie and cut it in to long slices, soften some ice cream and sandwich it between 2 slices, wrap in foil and put back in the freezer for a few hours, then you have delicious ice cream sandwiches.

I’m always confused when a recipe says eggs but with no size?
I would always use a medium egg unless it specified otherwise such as large or small, often at the start of cook books it will tell you things like what size of egg to use, whether butter is salted etc

Is chocolate mousse easy to make, i can cook but don’t do desserts?
A chocolate mousse at its most basic is just melted chocolate and whipped cream but you can add whipped egg whites and all sorts of other flavours, but yes it is easy.

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